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10 Best Comic Book Costumes for Halloween

Best Comic Book Costumes for Halloween: Comic books have been a part of our lives for the longest time possible. The mix of imagination and wonder has always filled us with this excitement that very few things could as a young one. So it is quite appropriate to incorporate it in our year when it comes to Halloween. October is right around the corner and everyone is planning what they want to dress up this year. Isn’t becoming a super hero one of the most popular dreams that most of us had as kids? So why not actually become a super hero for one day by dressing up as one this Halloween! Here are a few costumes based on comic books that you can chose from.Comic Book halloween Costumes

1. Cat woman : Did you think we could forget about her. This iconic comic book character has been a loved costume for ages. You can go simple by wearing a body fitted black over all along with those quintessential cat ears and mask. You can pick up the costume from any good costume place near you or use the thing in your closet to make the same. If you are not able to find the mask or the ears, you can just paint on the mask with some black paint and make a pair of cat ears with some thick paper.

Dark Knight Rises Catwoman CostumeDark Knight Rises Catwoman CostumeDark Knight Rises Catwoman CostumeChild's Catwoman CostumeChild’s Catwoman CostumeChild's Catwoman Costume

2. Bat Girl : For this all you need to do is slap on a Batman sticker on your black outfit of choice. Once the black sticker is on you are ready to call yourself the bat Girl. You can add the mask and the black cape to the mix in order to look very authentic. You can easily pick up the mask from any good story that sells costumes. Otherwise you can just paint it on with some black paint.

3. Wonder Woman : She is one of the most popular superheroes around. With her throwing tiara and her bracelet she is quite indestructible. You can easily pick up her costume from any good shop or else make it at home from scratch. She stand for love and truth and with their arsenal weapons, makes for an amazing superhero to dress up as! You can easily dress up as her this Halloween to feel like you are indestructible.

Justice League Child's Wonder Woman CostumeJustice League Child’s Wonder Woman CostumeJustice League Child's Wonder Woman CostumeWonder Woman Costume As ShownWonder Woman Costume As ShownWonder Woman Costume As Shown

4. Mystique : Mystique is mysterious. Though you will be requiring a lot of blue paint to look like her, we can assure you that the final outcome will be amazing. This mutant from X-Man can change to any shape she wants. This adds to the whole mystery of her being. You can add some crazy coloured contacts to the costume to make it look even more authentic. You can just keep it to that – just those two things but we recommend that you add some pants and a shirt to that in order to stay on the safer side!

5. Zatana : Creating this costume will not be too difficult at all. All you will require is a magician’s cap and a bow tie. Add to that a white waist coatand a nice magician’s wand and you are good to go. This character is essentially a stage magician who is actually a real magician acting so. So maybe while you adorn her clothes, you can do some magic tricks of your own.

6. Poison Ivy : You get to dress up in all green with a red wig on the go. How much cooler can it get? You can pick up some fake green ivy leaves from any decorative shop near you and drape it all around you in order to get the perfect look. You can pair your dress with some black tights if you are not very comfortable with the short dress. Getting the bright red wig is essential to look like Batman’s nemesis from the comics.

Women's Eye Candy - Lethal BeautyWomen’s Eye Candy – Lethal BeautyWomen's Eye Candy - Lethal BeautyPoisonous Villain Cosplay Costume DressPoisonous Villain Cosplay Costume DressPoisonous Villain Cosplay Costume Dress

7. Black Widow : This is the perfect and most easy costumes you can make among the Avenger characters. The Avengers are in the craze of late and dressing up as one will definitely fetch you a lot of compliments. You can be sure that you will have no difficulty getting the costume from a costume store. Bit since it is so simple you can actually make it easily from things that are available in your wardrobe.

Captain America: Civil War Black Widow CostumeCaptain America: Civil War Black Widow CostumeCaptain America: Civil War Black Widow CostumeBlack Widow Child CostumeBlack Widow Child CostumeBlack Widow Child Costume

8. Elektra : This relative simple outfit and minimum accessories can help you to turn yourself into this badass female ninja. Since the outfit is rather easy to make you can easily make it at home and at short notice. You need to make sure that you have a blade on in order to complete the whole look. She is the interest of the superhero daredevil, so maybe you can find yourself a daredevil while you are wearing this costume.

9. Emma Frost : The best part about this costume is that you can either play it bad or play it good. This X-Man character has evolved over time to become a superhero from the super villain that she was. She is known as the white queen and as per her all you need to do is dress in white. You will require a white shirt, a pair of white tights and a white cape and you are good to go.

10. Storm : The storm costume can help you to rock the ambience around you. you can go all Halley Berry style and dress like a hot Storm or go more low key and dress like the 90s storm. It completely depend which look you would prefer. But we are sure that you are going to be quite popular that night!

A good Halloween costume takes time and energy. So you need to make sure to start fast in order to get the best costume for yourself when the time comes. Who would not like to feel like a super hero or maybe a super villain, even if for a day?So make sure you grab the opportunity and get yourself a good comic book character costume this Halloween in order to relive your childhood all over again!

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