Pacman and Ms. Pacman halloween costume

DIY Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas

DIY Couples Halloween Costumes Ideas: Couple costumes are the favorite when it comes to dressing up for a Halloween party. What can be more exciting than creating your own couple costume for the holiday party? Let us know have the look at the 25 best couple costumes, most of which are easy DIYs.

1. Pacman and Ms. Pacman costume : Cute and adorable Pacman family. You can make the Mr. and Mrs. Pacman costume by using a hard cardboard.Pacman and Ms. Pacman halloween costume

 Mr/Ms Pac Couple CostumeMr/Ms Pac Couple Costume

2. Fantastic Mr. and Mrs. Fox: are foxes really back in fashion this year? Oh Yes. Dress up like the dangerous Mr. and Mrs. Fox. Not a hard task to do.Fantastic Mr. and Mrs couples costume

3. John Lennon and Yoko Ono: All you need to get this look right is some trips to the nearby thrift shop. The lady can dress up as the Yoko and the husband as the John Lennon.John Lennon and Yoko Ono costume

4. Beetlejuice Couple: There are a number of couple costumes inspired by the Beetlejuice. Use some scary masks and dress up like those monsters that were stuck up in the attic.Beetlejuice Couple costume

5. Dumb and Dumber: the couple costume inspired by the famous Dumb and Dumber did make to the best couple costumes of the 90’s round. Do you have something new to try or you can still stick to the regular style of dressing up as the Dumb and the Dumber halloween costumes.Dumb and Dumber costume

6. French Baker and French Wedding Cake: Wanna try something really different? If yes, why not get your guy dress up like the baker and you yourself getting dressed up like the croquemboche.

7. Johnny Cash and June Carter: Dress up like the famous love birds from the music heyday. Also if you are dressed up like one, then do try and sing the most famous “Walk the Line” for the guests.

8. Legos: Who wouldn’t love the LEGO couple? A pair of blue jeans, topped with a red tee and the masks resembling the he and she LEGO couple. You can choose other bright colors like blue or green too.

9. Piñata and Birthday Girl: This is the famous of all the couple costumes. You can dress up as the birthday girl and your guy can be the Piñata. But do make sure not to hit your Piñata in excitement.

10. The Soap and Loofah: If you are wondering if this can be a couple costume, then yes. All you need to do is to scrub a dub-dub. The guy can be the soap and the girl can be the soft Loofah. Sounds fun, isn’t it.

 Loofah & Soap CostumeLoofah & Soap Costume Soap Loofah Bubbles Adult Costume SetSoap Loofah Bubbles Adult Costume Set Couple Halloween Loofah & Soap CostumeCouple Halloween Loofah & Soap Costume


11. Moonrise Kingdom: If you are looking for something simple and non fussy, then you can try these out. Though these got horrible mentions the earlier years, do give them a try.

12. Camp Counselors: One can create these costumes with the items one already has. You need a whistle and a sweatband. A simple couple costume to try.

13. Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano: Try out the looks of the famous Angela Chase and Jordan Catalano. The dyed air with a flannel can never go wrong. Just try and keep it as simple as possible.

14. The Doritos: Do we really mean Doritos? Yes we do. Dress up like the nacho cheese in bright orange and you certainly cannot go any wrong.

15. The Struck by Lightning Costume: This would indeed be a combo costume where one person dresses up like the lightening and the other one as the person who has been stuck by lightening. A very easy to make DIY.

16. The Silent Film Stars: Talk about the silent film stars and one cannot stop thinking about the famous Charlie Chaplin and his lady. Dress up like them in black and white. A very effortless couple costume indeed.

17. Popeye and Olive: Try to give a modern and stylish touch to the old and favorite Popeye and Olive costumes. You would certainly look adorable.

 Men’s Mens Popeye CostumeMen's Mens Popeye Costume Popeye-Sexy Olive Oyl CostumePopeye-Sexy Olive Oyl Costume Women’s Olive Oyl CostumeWomen's Olive Oyl Costume


18. Google Maps: Google Maps! Really? Of course, you indeed can provide some driving instructions. Get your old T shirts and use a yellow tape for paths and make the addresses by using a printer.

19. AcroBATS: Looking for a scary couple costume? Then try out the adorable AcroBATS costume. You will for sure make it to each and every photo booth for every Halloween party you get to attend.

20. The 3D Viewmaster and Slide Reel: This can indeed be an awesome pair and real fun to be. Though these cannot be easy to make, one certainly can have loads of fun. One can make the 3 D reel and the slide reel by using cardboards. Looks like some real hard work, isn’t it?

21. The Trophies: You can look like the real gold trophies from yesteryears. Choose the one that you like and get started with that look. You can look like a real gold trophy from head to toe with a little effort. So, try it on.

22. The Spy vs. Spy: A literally throwback and a classic costume. Remember the 80s, if yes try this on. Do remember to choose the right hats and the masks.

23. The Squints and Wendy Peffercorn costume: You can try out to dress like the kids from the famous The Sandlot. The tip here is to just dress up right.

24. Willy Wonka and Golden Ticket: This can be fun. Yes dress up like the Golden ticket and the guy can dress up like the Willy Wonka. Are we missing something here? Yes of course, we are missing the golden goose.

 Willy Wonka CostumeWilly Wonka Costume Roald Dahl Winning Wonka Bar CostumeRoald Dahl Winning Wonka Bar Costume


25. The Black Swan Costume: This can indeed be an epic costume if you get the dress and the makeup right. One can look great and scary at the same time.

So, here was our list of the 25 best Halloween best couple costumes. If you like anything from the above, do let us know. Or, if you have anything else which you are planning to try on this Halloween, do share your idea with us in the comments section below.

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