Eleven Costume

Eleven Costume Guide: How to Dress Like a Stranger Things Star

Are you a fan of Stranger Things and want to recreate the iconic Eleven look? Look no further! Here, we will give you in-depth details that you need to know to create a perfect Eleven costume. From the clothes to the accessories, we’ve got you covered.

Stranger Things has become very popular in recent years, and Eleven is one of the most iconic character. The mysterious girl with telekinetic powers has captured our hearts with her unique style and powerful presence. If you want to recreate the Eleven look for Halloween or a cosplay event, we have everything you need to know.

Eleven Costume
Eleven Halloween Costume

How to Dress like Eleven from Stranger Things

Eleven’s costume consists of a few key pieces that are essential to her look. These include a pink dress, blue jacket, white sneakers, and a shaved head. Additionally, Eleven wears a variety of accessories, such as a wristwatch, blue hair tie, and white socks.

Materials Needed for Eleven Costume
To create the perfect Eleven costume, you will need a few materials. These include:

  • Long Blonde Wig
  • Men’s Lightweight Navy Jacket
  • Doll Collar Short Sleeve Dress
  • Waffle Teething Toy
  • Chuck Taylor All-Star II Sneaker
  • Over the Calf Tube Socks
  • Graftobian Stage Blood

How to Create the Perfect Eleven Costume

Now that you have all the required materials, and it’s time to put them together and create a perfect Eleven costume. Follow these steps to achieve the ultimate Stranger Things look.

The Dress
The first step in creating the Eleven costume is finding the perfect pink dress. Look for a dress that is knee-length, with a simple design and no patterns. You can find a dress like this at a thrift store or online retailer.

The Jacket
Once you have the pink dress, it’s time to add the blue jacket. Look for a denim or bomber jacket in a light blue color. You can find a jacket like this at a thrift store or online retailer.

The Shoes
For the shoes, white sneakers are a must. Look for a pair of classic white sneakers, such as Converse Chuck Taylors or Adidas Superstars. You can find these shoes at a shoe store or online retailer.

The Socks
Eleven wears knee-high white socks with her sneakers. Look for a pair of socks that are knee-high and pure white. You can find these socks at a department store or online retailer.

The Accessories
To complete the Eleven look, you will need a few accessories. First, a blue hair tie to keep your hair out of your face. You can find a hair tie like this at a drugstore or online retailer. Second, a wristwatch, which you can find at a department store or online retailer. Third, you can add some fake blood to your nose or forehead to replicate Eleven’s nosebleeds. Finally, carry a box of Eggo waffles with you to really embody the character.

The Hair
Eleven’s shaved head is a key part of her look. If you have long hair, try to get a wig or cut your hair to short. To create the shaved head look, apply a bald cap and cover it with makeup that matches your skin tone. You can find a bald cap and makeup at a costume store or online retailer.

Tips for Perfecting the Eleven Costume

If you want to make your Eleven costume more perfect, here are some tips to help you perfect the look

  • Add Some Scars: Eleven has some scars on her body, so consider adding some fake scars to your costume. You can use makeup or temporary tattoos to create the scars. This will make your costume look more realistic and add a spooky element.
  • Practice Your Telekinesis: Eleven has telekinetic powers, so why not practice some tricks to really embody the character? You can use simple objects such as pencils, books, or cups to practice moving them with your mind. This will add an extra element to your costume and impress your friends.
  • Add Some Grunge: Eleven’s clothes are a bit worn and grungy, so consider adding some tears or frays to your costume. This will make your costume look more authentic and add a unique touch.
  • Create a Group Costume: If you have a group of friends who also loves Stranger Things, then go for a group costume. Have your friends dress up as other characters, such as Mike, Dustin, or Lucas. This will make your costume even more fun and memorable.

Recreating Eleven’s iconic look is a fun and exciting way to show your love for Stranger Things. With the right materials and some creativity, you can easily create the perfect Eleven costume. Remember to have fun and embrace your inner Eleven.

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