forrest gump halloween costume

Forrest Gump Halloween Costume

Jenny Forrest Gump running Halloween Costume : If you have loved the movie of Forrest Gump, then you would for sure love to dress up as one of the characters from this movie. If you are looking for more information about various costumes from Forrest Gump, then you are indeed at the right place. You will find the best costumes from Forrest Gump here.

The best one liner from the movie, Run Forrest Run, is loved by all who have watched the movie. So, you can dress up as one for the coming up Halloween parties. There are two different kinds of Forrest Gump costumes one can choose for Halloween. One is the Forrest Gump costume which is in button down and a white shirt and comes with a business suit. The other one is the regular Forrest Run Halloween costume. You can choose from them or you can make your own costume.

forrest gump halloween costume

If you have always loved the Forrest Gump movie, then dress up like the lovable movie character of Tom Hank as the Forrest Gump for this Halloween.

Forrest Gump Halloween costumes

If your mama said that life is like a big box of chocolates, then you do not know what you will get. If you love the movie, then you will for sure love to dress up like the Forrest Gump. You can even get an officially licensed Forrest Gump costume for Halloween.

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Forrest Gump running costumes

If for one day, for no much reason, the Forrest Gump has decided to run. He then ran till the end of the driveway and then he still kept going. He then ran till the great state of Alabama. He then suddenly figured out that he ran so far but he might as well went on going.

If you still want to dress up like the Running Forrest Gump this Halloween? This is one costume which is officially licensed. But would you like to know if you can save some money when you purchase the costume? Such Forrest Gump costumes are also available on websites like Before you go ahead and place your order, do make sure to check the various other sites to compare the prices to see how you can get the best deal.

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Forrest Gump and Lieutenant Dan costumes

The Forrest Gump and the Lieutenant Dan costumes are ideal as a couple costumes, especially if you are looking for something hilarious. One can choose a green colored army pant and pair it up with Hawaiian shirt. As Lieutenant Dan moves around in a wheel chair, you can hire or use one if you have. You can then create an illusion of no legs using a black fabric. The Lieutenant Dan costume too is available online and you can finish off the look with the right hairdo and makeup. You can even use a cigar to create that perfect look.

Buy cheap Gump Halloween costumes

A number of Gump Halloween costumes are available for the best prices on Amazon. You can choose from the costumes that are available in various styles and sizes. Or you can buy each of it separately and create your own Forrest Gump Halloween costume. There are also couple costumes of Gump and Lieutenant Dan available. But do make sure to complete your purchases well in time so that you do not miss out on the amazing deals that are mostly available.

Stuffs you need for Forrest Gump costumes

If you are one of those creative heads, then you can create your Halloween costume all by yourself. You would need some items to make your own costume. While it can certainly be hard to find the same shirt like the one Forrest wears in the movie, but one can find some options that are pretty close to the original one. Then you would need the red baseball cap of Bubba Gump Shrimp Co. like the one Forrest Gump wore in that movie. These are available online on Amazon. One can purchase the cap and the shirt and the Khaki pants separately and make your own Forrest Gump costume.

One of the best movies ever produced by Hollywood is Forrest Gump and if you have loved the movie, chances are that you loved the look that Tom Hanks pulled off. To own the look, you need the Forrest Gump costume. You can either settle for the Forrest Gump suited look, or the Forrest Gump running look with the white tee and red shorts.

So, the next time you are wondering as to what you need to wear for this Halloween, do not think twice. Just get the Forrest Gump costume and get going.

Forrest Gump costume

Forrest Gump costume

Forrest Gump costume

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