Gene Simmons Halloween Costume

Halloween is right around the corner and it is quite normal to start planning on your costume from now. There are many different types of themes that people follow when they are planning on dressing up on this day but most are likely to end up merging into the crowd as they cannot stand out. It is not always possible to stand out with your costume as most people wear very good costumes these days. You can be sure that you will require to wear an extraordinary costume if you really want to stand out. But there is an easier way round. You can easily wear a simple costume if you choose an uncommon character.gene simmons costume ideas

Are you a music fanatic? Do you love taking a mike in your hand at every occasion? Then the ideal dress for you this Halloween would be that of a famous singer. But at the same time you need to keep in mind that it has to be different from the rest, something that not many people will know about. Thus the best answer for you would be Gene Simmons. You can easily dress as him in order to turn heads this Halloween.

GeneSimmons kiss costume

This is a unisex costume that both kids and adults can wear. This is one of the most iconic gene Simmons kiss costume that you can wear if you are a rock and roll fan. This costume worn by Gene Simmons while playing in the band Kiss is famous because of the uniqueness of the customer black leather sleeves and the painted face. You can even carry a guitar in your hand in order to make the whole look come alive. If you are planning on going as Gene Simmons, you can buy the different components of the costume separately or buy the whole costume from any good music store. The black leather hanging sleeves and the white plastered face can definitely help you to stand apart from the hordes this Halloween.

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Kids KISS Gene Simmons Demon Halloween Costumes

The demon look alike of the kiss costume is a very popular thing among kids. If they are of the age where they are enjoying rock music then you will have a very easy time dressing them up in a Kids KISS Gene Simmons Demon Halloween Costumes. You can easily get the costume online. Make sure that you buy some face paint as well so that you can deck up their faces in the quintessential demon look that Gene Simmons has in this costume. You can even make a kid costume at home by stitching together some fabric. But it is recommended that you actually buy the costume from the many online stores so that you do not have to go through the hassle of getting the materials and making the costume.

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We do understand that it might get difficult to make a costume like that of Gene Simmons at home. It can be quite intricate because of the sleeves and of course the leather look. So you can now easily go online and browse through different online stores to get a good idea regarding the types of costumes found there. When you are going to these stores you can be sure that you will get the exact costume that you are looking for. You can buy cheap gene Simmons costumes online at a discount as well. Make sure that you add a guitar to the look if you want to make the whole look comprehensive and doable.

GeneSimmons costume accessories

One of the best thing about the Gene Simmons costume is the different gene Simmons costume accessories. The biggest accessory is the black guitar. If you are guitar player you can use your own guitar for the costume or else you can buy a plastic look alike guitar that will help you to complete the look. The next thing is the dangling sleeves that looms like a cloak. You can either wear a cloak or else buy a costume that will have sleeves like that.

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It is now very easy to dress up as anyone you want. If you fancy rock music and want to stand apart from the rest then a good Gene Simmons costume is a very good option for you!

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