Happy Gilmore costume

Step into the World of Golf with Happy Gilmore Costume

Happy Gilmore costume Ideas : Halloween is just around the corner and if you have not started with your Halloween planning yet, well you might just end up in soup, hot and thick. In case that is not what you intend to end up in and have your family look all disappointedly and non approvingly at you, the best option you have is to get planning right away.

Are you a fan of golf but find it too serious and boring? Do you want to add some fun and humor to your golf game? Look no further than the Happy Gilmore costume! Based on the popular 1996 sports comedy film, the Happy Gilmore costume is the perfect way to stand out on the golf course while paying homage to one of the most memorable characters in movie history.

Happy Gilmore costume

Plan the theme for the party, if you want it to be a themed party. Decide the kind of decoration that is fit to match the theme and get a list prepared. Decide whether you want to go by the all time favourite Halloween menu, or want to go a bit crazy this year and settle for a Halloween special menu, which is weird, scary and fun. Get the guest list sorted and prepare the invites. Now that all the basic things are planned and on its way to get done, all you now need to do is focus on you. The question that now arises is what you are going to be dressed as this Halloween. Read on to find the most funny and unique Halloween costume idea for this year’s Halloween.

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How to Dress Like Happy Gilmore

The Happy Gilmore costume is easy to recreate and will instantly transform you into the beloved character. Here’s what you’ll need:

  • A Boston Bruins hockey jersey: Happy’s signature jersey is a must-have for any true fan. If you can’t find an exact replica, any hockey jersey will do.
  • Vintage golf pants: Happy’s plaid pants are a throwback to the ’70s and ’80s and are essential to completing the costume.
  • Red and white trucker hat: Happy’s hat features the logo of his grandmother’s retirement home and adds the perfect touch of humor to the costume.
  • Fingerless gloves: Happy’s fingerless gloves are not only stylish but also practical for gripping the club.
  • Tennis shoes: Happy wears a pair of classic white tennis shoes, but any comfortable sneakers will do.

Where to Buy Happy Gilmore Costume

If you don’t have sufficient time or resources to make the Happy Gilmore costume yourself, don’t worry! Many costume stores and online retailers offer pre-made Happy Gilmore costumes. Here are a few options:

  • Amazon: You can find a variety of Happy Gilmore costumes on Amazon, ranging from full-body suits to just the jersey or hat.
  • HalloweenCostumes.com: This website offers a complete Happy Gilmore costume that includes the jersey, pants, hat, gloves, and shoes.
  • Spirit Halloween: Spirit Halloween has a Happy Gilmore costume that comes with the jersey, pants, hat, gloves, and even a toy golf club.

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Happy Gilmore Halloween costume:

If you want out of the box ideas, well here is one. The Happy Gilmore Costume is a great option to opt for this, Halloween. It is unique, not something many would have worn and you also escape the chance to look like another fellow roaming on the other side of the party hall.

Also, if you have a funny bone and like being recognised for it, this costume will only help you establish the fact more and add a medal to your collection on the King of fun board, in your head. What a proud moment isn’t it? It is also a great way to put prominent on your keen love towards sports. Happy Gilmore was a not so good ice hockey player who came up with a unique stroke for golf and made it big. This costume on Halloween could actually be your unique stroke.

Happy Gilmore costume ideas:

There are a bunch of costume options you can settle for if you are looking for bankable Happy Gilmore costume ideas. You can either settle for a plain, solid coloured t-shirt, pairing it with a cotton trouser, a baggy over shirt and a cap, or you can opt for a suited booted look with. Whatever the look you decide to settle for, it is necessary that you do carry a hockey stick to make your look more original, believable and impressive. There is not much you need to put together a costume, you can either decide to put it all together by yourself, or can also place an order online, saving you of the little time and effort that might have gone into compiling the costume together.

 NHL Boston Bruins 27809010 Hockey Sticks, 21 Happy Gilmore Jersey #18 Hockey Movie Jersey Match Mens Slim-Tapered Flat-Front Casual Pants(Black,30W x 31L) Reebok Men’s Reeshift DMX Ride Walking Shoe,White/Salty Grey/Sunsprite,7.5 M US

As mentioned above, the Happy Gilmore costumes can be very easily put together at home itself. But, in case you are opting for a more genuine and original look and do not want to keep any stone unturned in order to look the part, it is important that you place you orders for the costume online. You can buy cheap Happy Gilmore costumes online without giving any second thoughts to it. These are as authentic looking as the original and made from good fabric, so no more worrying about the quality of the product either. The fact that these online costumes are so pocket friendly, is an added bonus.

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