Harry Potter halloween costume

Harry potter halloween costumes For Adults, Kids

Harry Potter Costumes for Halloween : Halloween is one of the best days of the year with so much creative liberty in hand and an opportunity to have such a lot of fun. This is one of the main reasons that most people end up attending more than one, almost three or four Halloween parties on a single evening or throughout the fall season holidays. In case that you are seeking Halloween costume ideas, there is a specific universe that renders plenty and ore ideas. You could choose one costume each year till the end of your life and still have enough ideas to choose from. Yes, we are speaking of the Harry Potter universe. The school of witchcraft and wizardry has an uber tonne of inspirations that you can bank upon. Here is a list of top 18 costume ideas from the world of Harry Potter that you can choose from to dress yourself in, during time of festivities.Harry Potter halloween costume

1. Harry Potter : Dress up like the Boy Who Lived himself. All you need is to throw over a school cloak hued in the colours of the house of Gryffindor, a Nimbus 2000 to support your flight and some safely attached Quidditch gear.

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2. Ron Weasley : If you want to downplay the expenses required to put together an expensive costume, dress up as Ron Weasley. Ditch the robe and just put on a comfy brown or grey sweater with a huge R on it and you are sorted.Ron Weasley halloween costume

3. Hermoine Granger : Anyone and everyone can put together the look of the smartest witch of the generation. Some curly locks, a pleated skirt and a Gryffindor muffler to match the look should be enough. Also make sure you know how to say Wingardium Leviosa.Hermione Granger halloween costume

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4. Dumbledore : You do not have to be a hundred or more years old to grow that tinsel, silver beard that Dumbledore boasts. All you require is a navy blur robe, gilded with golden starts, a wizard hat and a white beard to pull off the look.

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5. Lord Voldemort : The toughest look to pull off from the Harry Potter Universe is that of He Who Must Not Be Named. If you are ready to live without your nose, for the next few hours and spend an eternity under those layers of makeup, you are most welcome to become Voldemort.

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6. Severus Snape : Long crooked nose? Check. Greasy shoulder length black hair? Check. Dark circles? Check. Black flowy robe? Check. That’s it, you look like Snape already. Dress up as the Potions Professor and make sure you know where to use your “Always”.

7. Draco Malfoy : Want to be a death eater but not look the part? Well you can always slytherin to any and very Halloween party dressed as the youngest member of the dark arts society, looking as dashing as Draco Malfoy. All you need is to put on the Slytherin house uniform and get some blonde hair action going on.

8. Dobby : Dress up the newest member of your family in some pillow covers or a shoulder knotted tee and elf ears and he/she is ready to look like the most adorable Dobby (the Free Elf) there ever will be. Do not forget to give the little elf their own little sock.

9. Rubeus Hagrid : Big, Scruffy and tall? If this is how you describe yourself, then you will pill of Rubeus Hagrid with an expertise like no other. Thicken your accent a bit and do not pronounce a few letters in a word to pull off your Hagrid in the most convincing way.

10. Luna Lovegood : One of the weirdest yet loved characters in the books and the movies has been Luna Lovegood. In case that you love colours, you can easily pull off the Luna look, with the Sun flower coloured dress from Bill and Fleur’s wedding, or wear her sparkly number that she wore to Slughorn’s Party with Harry.

11. Bellatrix Lestrange : One of the best ways to stand out in a Halloween party is to dress up like Bellatrix Lestrange. She is whacky and sexy at the same time. You will have plenty of heads turning, when you set foot into the party.

12. Sirius Black : If you have a son dressing up like a Harry Potter, the best idea is to dress up like his God Father, Sirius Black. In case that there is no harry potter around, you can do a Sirius Black right out of Azkaban Look.

13. Alastor “Mad Eye” Moodey : One of the creepiest yet magical look in the books was held by Alastor Moodey. Strap on his magical eye and a grumpy old face and you are all set to thump your way into the parties with the heavy wooden stick of a wand in one hand, as one of the most recognised Wizards of all time.

14. Dolores Umbridge : Still want to look and feel evil, without donning the devil’s costume itself, try a Dolores Umbridge. Dressed in pink sweater vests and middie skirts, she is no less the devil herself.

15. Sybill Trelawney : In case that you are already into tea reading and dressing up like Bohemians, pulling out a Trelawney should be a piece of cake. Thick round glasses, scruffy, knotted hair and a crystal bowl or a tea cup should be enough to convince people of your look.

16. Ginny Weasly : Why wouldn’t you want to look like Ginny? She is beautiful, she is strong, hell of a quidditch player and Harry Potter loves her. Put on your Gryffindor cloaks and vests, take up a worn out broom stick and you are all set to look like the lady wizard.

17. Hedwig : Yes, why not? Dress up your little one, like the beautiful pet of harry potter and he/ she will be all set looking adorable in white.

18. Moaning Myrtle : If you want to stand out of the lot, the most unpredictable costume to pick is that of Moaning Myrtle. Put your hair in two ponies; camouflage your wet eyes with thick glasses and may be a toilet seat around your neck.

In case that you want to pull off a couple look, you could always appear as Lupin and Tonks or James and Lilly are the perfect option. In case that you have a whole family to dress up, the weasleys form the best inspiration.

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