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Minnie Mouse Costume for kids, adults, girls

Minnie Mouse Costume for kids, adults, girls: October is almost approaching and if you have not started with your planning for Halloween costumes, it is safe to say that you might just end up without one at all. Halloween is one of the most awaited festivals in a year, with not only kids, but also adults looking forward to dress up as creatively as possible and enjoying the day with family, friends, near and dear ones.

In case that dressing scary is no longer your thing, or you want to step out of the box and give ghouls, ghosts and gargoyles a rest this year, one of the best options you have is to dress up like your favourite cartoon character. You can be as creative as you like and also, you are sure to attract a lot of glances. One of the best costume ideas for girls, both kids and adults is a Minnie Mouse costume. In case that you are looking for the perfect Minnie mouse costume for your little one or for that matter yourself, here is a list of some of the best Minnie mouse costume ideas of Disney Halloween costumes.classic Minnie mouse halloween costume

1. classic Minnie mouse costume : When up to last minute Halloween preps, the best end to your costume hunt can be drawn by the classic Minnie mouse costume. Settle for a black polka dotted outfit, with a Minnie style head band and you are all sorted. In case that you are finding it hard to arrange for the same from a costume store, you can easily put the costume together with the least efforts.

 Women’s Red Minnie Mouse Classic CostumeWomen's Red Minnie Mouse Classic Costume Disney Minnie Mouse Classic Girls’ CostumeDisney Minnie Mouse Classic Girls' Costume

2. best looking duo : In case that you are planning to make your kid’s Halloween the most memorable, the best option is to go trick or treating with her. When doing so, the best idea is to wear matching or complimenting costumes, such as the Minnie and Mickey Mouse costumes.A Dynamic Duo halloween costume

3. sweet Minnie costume : Minnie Mouse costumes are almost a rage all thanks to the Minnie mouse costume line designed by Lauren Conrad for Kohl’s. One of the best costume picks from the line is a fit and flare red skirt, teamed with a micro polka dotted blouse. Look and feel the cutest.

 Disney Rose Gold Minnie Classic Toddler Girls’ CostumeDisney Rose Gold Minnie Classic Toddler Girls' Costume Disney Minnie Mouse Girls’ CostumeDisney Minnie Mouse Girls' Costume

4. Minnie mouse gone lazy costume : There can be times when Mini feels lazy or does not need the polkas. These are the times that she is sultrier in a black costume. A black cropped top/ bralette, a high waist black skirt, a mouse head gear and a red bow and you are absolutely sorted and ready to look your cute-sultry best.Minnie mouse gone lazy costume

5. DIY costumes for Minnie lovers : Going through youtube will give you plenty of ideas on how to put together the best Minnie mouse costumes. Following Bethany Mota and her youtube tutorials will allow you to learn how to make the best looking tulle tutu and also pull off a great Minnie Mouse make up to go with the costume.

6. Pair It up with DIY Mickey and Minnie Mouse Costumes : There is nothing sweeter than you and your partner to dress up as your favourite cartoon character couples. If your man is confident enough to pull off a Mickey Mouse, you should immediately get to creating the best looking DIY costumes, supported by a Red tutu and a red short, black leggings for both and definitely some mouse head gear.

7. Edgy costumes for Minnie Mouse : What is Minnie mouse put on a leather jacket, buckled red skirt and pinned boot? Certainly, edgy isn’t it? In case that you to want to look cute and edgy at the same time, this wonderful ensemble of a Minnie mouse costume is the best pick for you and your bestie.

8. Minnie Mouse costume inspired by Fiesta : Festivals call for a number of varieties of apparels to be worn throughout the year, since with Halloween, it is fiesta time once again, why not put together the costumes from other festivals and previous years, to customise and make it into an amazing Minnie mouse costume? A Mexican flare skirt topped with a fitted black tea and amazing black Christmas or new year stalking could become the perfect matches for a wonderful costume.

 Minnie Costume Baby Girl DressMinnie Costume Baby Girl Dress Girls Princess Minnie Polka Dots Birthday Tutu DressGirls Princess Minnie Polka Dots Birthday Tutu Dress

9. Gorgeous Minnie Mouse Costume : The moment you go extra mini with your Minnie mouse costume, you have a gorgeous attire then and there. You could opt from anything between a mini, tightly fitted red polka dotted skirt to go with a polka dotted crop top or, could settle for a red or black mini dress with polka dots, hugging your body. Pull off this gorgeous look with a great looking mouse head gear.

10. Minnie Mouse Costumes for BFFs : Matching tops and similar skirts help you and your BFF become the cutest Minnies out there. Just accentuate with your look with a polka dotted scarf or different shoes and you are all set to grab all the attention on your Halloween weekend. While both you and your best friend can be Minnies, one can also dress up like Mickey for a better show.

11. Children’s Minnie Mouse Costume : Kids have always loved their beloved Minnie Mouse, hence it is only fair to find the best Minnie Mouse costume for them as well. Black sequinned top, with a red pola dotted tutu, is the magical combination for any and every little Minnie out there. Pair these up with a pair of black, strappy belles with polkas, a mouse cap and beautiful white stalking.

 Disney Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Glow In The Dark CostumeDisney Minnie Mouse Clubhouse Glow In The Dark Costume Minnie Mouse Nerd CostumeMinnie Mouse Nerd Costume Red Minnie Mouse Costume for GirlsRed Minnie Mouse Costume for Girls

12. Special Blogger Minnie Mouse Costume : Creativity is the synonym to Halloween. The more creative you are, better the costume that turns out. Use an old Minnie printed top and pair it up with a velvety, red party skirt with two distinct polkas and you are all set to make heads turn on Halloween.

13. Glamorous Minnie Mouse Costumes : Now that you have gone through the cute and good options, here is your chance to glam up Minnie with the most glamorous costumes. Choose an off shoulder skater dress, or a body hugging number in red or black that comes with miniature polkas or sequins teamed with high heels to complete the look. If you do not spend a fortune on the costume, you can always customise older dresses or pick up dress off the sale. Do not forget the red lipstick.

These are without a doubt the best Minnie mouse costumes that you can dress yourself or a child in and be the centre of attraction this Halloween.

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