Queen of hearts halloween costume Ideas

Queen of hearts halloween costume makeup Ideas

Queen of hearts halloween costume Ideas :Halloween is the time when you can dressup as whoever and whatever is your desire. Every girl wants a costume which will make heads turn her way and will make her the heart of the party. So why not be the Queen of Hearts for this wonderful day. Queen of hearts of Alice in Wonderland is one of the classic villains. She is loved by her fans and an amazing idea for a costume party. But if you are thinking that the makeup is too difficult, do not fret. We are here for your rescue. We will tell you how to nail the look and be the queen of your kingdom and conquer all hearts.

Queen of hearts halloween costume Ideas
Queen of hearts halloween costume makeup Ideas

Makeup is a form of art; it is something creative. And creativity has no fixed rules, so you can play some twists, skip some rules. So by playing this, you can get inspired use this as a form of inspiration to rule in the kingdom on Halloween. Here you go!

Face makeup :
First get your face ready by applying your base makeup. Then with a bronzer of moderate luster outline the curves of your cheek,temples and jawline. Then take a white eyeliner pencil and trace the heart shape on your face. Use an eyeliner so that you can rub it off if you do any mistakes. Then on a sponge take some white crème makeup and to fill the heart with that. You can use Ben Nye crème colour in white. As you go downwards towards your chin, just see the amount of crème makeup is lightened so that it blends with our natural skin tone. Queen Of Hearts Costume

For the makeup to be there all night you need to let the crème makeup set with a face powder. You can use Natural Set Colorless face powder. Apply it with a soft face brush. Don’t drag it along your face. It can smear off your makeup. Instead stipple it on your face with a brush.

Eye makeup :
Take a black eyeliner and a fine brush and apply the liner on your eyes. Apply the liner in such a way that the liner around the corner your eyes is thicker. Then apply a black shadow using a shadow brush in the crease of the eyes. The line towards the inner portion of your eye should be more distinct and less merged to give a dramatic effect. You can use Creep from Naked palette by Urban Decay.

To soften and blend the outward side of black shadow, just use by applying Naked from Naked Palette by Urban Decay Paletee. Apply it on the outer end of shadow. Then curl your eyelashes and apply mascara on them to get them ready for the false ones. Now for the false eyelashes first you need to do the upper ones. According to the size of your eyes cut two false eyelashes and then carefully place them below your lower eyelashes. The lower lashes should be placed towards the outer edge of your eye. You can use Zink colour Black Feather Tip Lashes. It will make your eyes like a symbol from a card deck. Related to lower lashes you can use Ardel Accent Lashes. Use same brush and gel black eyeliner and draw tiny hearts underneath your eyes. To add some detailing to the heart, use a flat brush and a shimmering white shadow to add highlights.

Then use orange and red mixed shadow to outline the heat shape. This is to make the white heart pop.You can use Urban Decay Electric Palette. Apply this mixture on the outer part of heart from your forehead to chin. With an eyebrow brush and mixture of red and orange shadow, apply it in your brows.

Lip makeup :
Take a bright red lip liner and outline your lips. Then with a red lipstick fill in your lips. Nars in Jungle Red is perfect for the task.
Hair style

Pin back your hair to and puff your hair on both sides of your head. Then spray white temporary color hair spray on the locks of your hair. You can use Temporary Colour Hair Spray. Then spray some red temporary color.

What’s a queen without her crown! So last but not the least for your finishing look you need to make the crown. It will add to the look in a great way. While choosing the crown take queen of hearts, king of hearts and jack and glue them to crown. The queen should be in the middle with the king and jack of hearts on either side. Also when you are pasting the cards make sure you paste them upside down. And you’re done!Queen of Hearts halloween makeup ideas diy

So apply this makeup, put on your costumes and go out and rule all the hearts this Halloween. Be the queen you were meant to be. Be the Queen of all Hearts on 31st October and beyond!

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