Ragnar Lothbrok Costume

Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok Costume for Men

Vikings Ragnar Lothbrok Costume for Men : If the thought of Halloween does not excite you already, there is something very wrong with you my friend. Halloween is just around the corner and if you do not have your socks pulled up your feet, pants secured around your waist and ready to get Halloween prepping, you are destined to end up in a puddle of mess, close to the holiday weekend. It is necessary that you start prepping for Halloween immediately, both for yourself and your family. You do not intend to let your kids or yourself roam without a costume do you? You surely do not want to lessen the Halloween spirit. The first thing you need to chalk out in your head right now, is your theme for Halloween 2019. If you love a bit of history and also standing out of the crowd, then the Vikings is the way to go.Ragnar Lothbrok Costume

The Vikings is a famous TV series that is dedicated to uphold the life of King Ragnar Lothbrok, the founder of House LothBrok, the fierce Viking worrier, who was aggressively driven by his love for war, victory and order. The BBC TV series brought him and a considerable number of other Viking heroes to life in their 2012 edition of the Vikings and it has been a mega hit ever since. If this Halloween, you want to step out of the box and make it one hell of a Halloween the Viking is the way to go.

Ragnar Lothbrok Costume:

Ragnar Lothbrok has been distinguished by his leadership quality, fierce strength and war strategies. Without a doubt, he is one of the greatest warriors of all times and proved to be a father figure to all the Vikings and especially his house Lothbrak. If you are bored with the same Frankenstein and Dracula costumes at all the Halloweens of yester year, it is time that you put a bit more thought into you dressing this time and emerge as the unbeatable Viking ruler, in a Ragnar Lothbrok Costume. Look all powerful and mighty in this costume and make heads turn as you enter the Halloween parties, in your super avatar.

Ragnar lothbrok costume ideas:

There is not much brainstorming you need to do, when you decide to settle for Ragnar Lothbrok costume. It is all there in front of you. In case you are still looking for some amazing Ragnar lothbrok costume ideas, here is a starter kit, just for you. The 4 must haves for a Ragnar Lothbrok costume are-

  • His Axe,
  • His sword,
  • His wooden shield, and maybe
  • A face full of beard.

All the elements of the Ragnar Lothbrok costume mentioned above can be found online. You can buy them as a set, or order them individually, according to your own preference. It is comparatively easier to Buy cheap ragnar lothbrok costumes online, rather than trying to do it yourself. Not only will it be time and effort consuming, but will also hold it back from looking close to the original. You should be aiming for details here, which will help you bring the character to life, without burning your pocket alive.

What you need to make ragnar lothbrok costume:

In case you have decided to give the DIY errand a try, you must be thinking of what you need to make ragnar lothbrok costume. To make your costume more believable and look more attractive, the first thing you need to do is incorporate some leather elements to it. A wide leather belt around the waist, with gilded buckles, would look just fine.

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You will also require a leather boots, with maybe some string action going on, on the side and some leather carvings done on the front. Once you are done with the leather elements, it is time to move onto the tunic. Make sure the tunic you opt for is mid thigh length and is brown and pair it up with a darker brown pants. If you want to really look regal, you cannot skip the leather armour. That is a necessary addition to the costume along with a wooden shield and a sword.

You will find all these elements online to help you put together the best Viking ruler costume, ever

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