Yoda halloween Costumes
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Yoda Costumes – Baby, Toddlers, Dog

Yoda Costumes – Baby, Toddlers, Dog : Worried about your child’s Halloween costume? Want something special for him? Then we have a few ideas that would make him look out of this world. Our ideas are based on a few events which occurred long time ago in a galaxy far, far away. If you want your child to look fascinating this Halloween, then what else could be better than star wars? And since the costume you want is for child, master yoda is your best choice.

Yoda halloween Costumes
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Yoda halloween costumes :

Yoda is one of the most important characters in the star wars universe. He is the most powerful among the Jedi knights and because of his unique physique, a Yoda costume is quite popular and perfect for your little prince. A few tips are given in the following points which will help you to make a yoda costume:-

Yoda is a green alien so you need a green piece of cloth for making the mask. Take a piece of green cloth, cut it big so that it is enough to cover the back and side portion of your angel’s head. Use a pair of green Velcro at each end of the mask so that you can take it off any time you want. Now you need to make a pair of long green ears, and for this take around 15cm of cloth (for each ear) in a triangular manner. Now fold each corner of the triangular piece so that the ends do not remain pointed. Now you need to stich the inner part of the ear in a manner such that it represents the ear folds. You can also use a pair of safety scissors to cut the ends in such a manner. Now use fabric glue to attach the ears on both sides of the mask. Now once you have attached the ears all you need to do is add a bit of detailing and for this purpose all you need is a paint brush and a dark green shade of fabric paint. Take the paint and apply it on the upper side of the ear and also use on other parts of the mask to demonstrate the veins.Now let the paint dry and your mask is ready.Star wars dog costumes are also a great choice.

The robe and other clothes:
Making the cloak is quite simple, all you need is a small robe (which you can get from any online or local clothing store) and a piece of cloth of the same color enough long to cover your angel’s head. Now fold about one inch of the cloth from lengthwise and stich it. Now join from both the ends and attach it to the robe so thatit becomes the hood. You can use fabric glue to attach the hood or even stitch it with the robe.Now once your hooded robe is ready you need is set of black t shirt, sweat pants and a pair of gloves and your Yoda toddlers costume is ready.

The light saber:
This is the most important part of your baby Yoda costume as the light saber is the trade mark of the Jedi knights. Now the easiest way to get a light saber is to order it from online stores. Try to buy the green one as in the movie yoda always used a green light saber. Make sure your child is able to handle the toy. The light saber should be of the exact size otherwise it may cause few troubles to handle it.

baby yoda costumes :

These days every parent wants their little prince or princess to have a fantastic Yoda costume in the Halloween. Mostly they dress up as Casper the ghost, a mummy, Dracula, Frankenstein or even a pumpkin ghost. But Yoda halloween costumes are somewhat old fashioned these days, so you may want to take a little help from the movies like star wars, star trek, hobbit or even Harry Potter. These baby Yoda costumes looks great on kids and it also somewhat magnifies their cuteness. The kids also love to dress up as their favorite movie hero. These days many people dressed as Frodos, darth Vaders, buck beaks and even R2-D2s are seen in the Halloween parties.

By making a yoda outfit not only saves you a lot of money but also allows you to recreate the character through your own as you may or may not like to add a few minor details on your own. Yoda halloween costumes will not only surprise everyone else but will alsomake you angel feel special as he would look amazing. Even your whole family can dress up like star wars characters for the big party. These days many people are trying such outfits, now it is your chance to try one. Yoda toddlers costumes are super trendy and will make you look way out of this world. Always remember the spotlight will be on you as the force remains with you.

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